Islands in the Sun: The Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) conference, 2012

Photos from 37th Caribbean Studies Association conference in Guadeloupe


Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) conference, 2012, a set on Flickr.


Leah Rosenberg with Michael Bucknor, panel on the Windrush Generation in Caribbean Literature

Until i find the time to write enjoy these photos from the 37th Caribbean Studies Association conference in Guadeloupe…the highlight was Leah Rosenberg’s excellent paper/presentation on the film An Island in the Sun alongside which she placed Sam Selvon’s little known novel An Island is a World. Introducing point number two in a list of points she joked that she realized she might sound a bit like the US with their repeated claims to have killed Al Quaeda’s number two…who knew that as fate would have it the US would make this claim again only a couple of days later when we were back in our respective islands in the sun…

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