I mean when you think about it hotels are quite vulnerable. i’ve yet to enter one with a metal detector and guests are constantly arriving with suitcases which could be full of anything, guns, weapons, bombs–y’know??

Just spoke with my parents who live in Bangalore. they mentioned that there is speculation that the target could have been a group or groups of Israelis who arrived in Mumbay for trade-related meetings.

The following is taken from Sajaforum, in turn arrived at from Sepia Mutiny:

MUMBAI ATTACKS: Terrorists attack Mumbai + webcasts

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UPDATED 7:20 p.m.

Here is how you can follow the attacks right now.

Follow thousands of twitter feeds on Mumbai here. Hundreds of new feeds are coming up every minute. Refresh to see new feeds.

CNN-IBN has been tracking the attacks all along. Click here to see their coverage.

You can watch the live coverage here.

Here is how some of the local blogs are covering this:

Mumbai Metblogs

India Uncut

Global Voices Online

if you go to Sajaforum you can get links to the various media mentioned above…

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