Christmas in the Caribbean…

Christmas as it manifests in the Caribbean…photo-based largely…with youtube video of an Indo-Trini parang song.

Christmas card received from painter, Amy Laskin

Above: Favourite Christmas card, courtesy Amy Laskin’s parrot…

Below: Favourite gift, ‘cake soap’ inscribed from Addi to me–yes, the Kartel himself–it was my present from Anthony Miller, host of Entertainment Report (ER).  See video below for the cake soap song, it’s all about bleaching…

Infamous cake soap celebrated by Vybz Kartel in song and video
and it's an autographed cake soap! From Addi to moi--

Below: The enchanting Christmas Treat protest which took place across from the US Embassy in Liguanea, Kingston on Wednesday. Children and adults waved placards and danced and sang demanding their annual Christmas treat, always held at that location by a Dr. Cole. We want Christmas treat! We want Christmas treat!

This year the Police High Command denied permission for the treat to be held on the grounds that it posed a security threat to the Embassy facing it. US Embassy officials on the other hand stoutly denied that they had requested any such thing. We may have to await further Wikileaks cable dumps to ascertain if this is true but in the meantime it was announced on the news this evening that the Police had relented and reconsidered their decision after meeting with relevant Embassy officials.

Christmas treat protest
Christmas treat protest 2

Finally do enjoy the video below of a Trinidadian Indian Parang song. Parang is a form of Trini xmas music which is heavily influenced by its Hispanic heritage. Now add the Indian heritage to that and you get the following deadly musical cocktail. Right below that is Vybz Kartel’s Cake Soap. Merry Christmas everyone!

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