Jamaica Blog Awards…

In which i’m awarded a plaque for excellence in blogging…the Jamaica Blog Awards

Was honoured to get this award tonight, with lovely commentary from Corve D’Costa, Jean Lowrie-Chin and Carolyn Cooper…Some days ago there was a tweet that was piercingly true from @kishnicks Kish Tzu

#JABlogAwards is just like the elections… the best blog will surely not win. The best electoral machinery will though
11 Jan

It’s a problem that plagues supposedly democratic systems everywhere–they’re easily and often perverted. But this award didn’t depend on electoral machinery…and for that I’m proud to accept it. Thanks to Corve and the Ja Blog Awards crew for doing what’s necessary to popularize and publicize what we all do online…

Carolyn Cooper and Jean Lowre-Chin beam with me...photo by Ishango.com
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