Democratic Couple?

Oh for the days when i didn’t know what a primary or caucus was…just in case you wondered if the rest of the world is similarly transfixed by the American Democratic race take a look at this…

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5 thoughts on “Democratic Couple?”

  1. Hi Annie I’ve been trying to email you for several weeks at UWI but my messages keep bouncing back saying your mailbox is full. I hope you get this! The short answer is yes, we want your article. Have you got another email address?Sorry to use this public forum for this message–I didn’t know how else to contact you!BestDiana

  2. Interesting imagery of both Obama and Clinton,supposedly,during the hippie days of love fest,music, and peace.Earlier in the campaign for the Democratic nomination,many individuals,including elements of the punditocracy were considering both candidates as a dream team,in terms of either an Obama/Clinton team or a Clinton/Obama ticket,but recently,the campaign for the Democratic nomination has become extremely dirty.Specifically,with respect to the question of group and identity politics,i.e., race and gender.Consequently,such a dream ticket will not materialize.Currently,the political arithmetic/calculus regarding the number of delegates favours Obama.Consequently,one is hoping that in the final analysis, despite all the possible contention,issues,kitchen sinks and slash and burn politics that the Clintonistas will introduce,engage in, and employ vis-a-vis Obama,and the pitfalls that/which may manifest itself or themselves in this internecine struggle/battle that he will be able to maintain,survive and realize the victory for the Democratic nomination.Again,interesting caricature! RESPECT!!

  3. no, you’re right, it’s hard to see them becoming a team anymore…incidentally i can’t take credit for this caricature, it’s been circulating among Indians by email, the image itself remains uncredited. would love to find out who the artist was…ap

  4. Its an interesting notion but perhaps a little too late now. I was one of those transfixed early in the game by this notion of the dream team but with the degeneration of both campaigns i find myself tuning them out. In fact as far as I am concerned the longer the Democratic conrtest drags on, the more certain I become of a McCain victory in November. But still if things were different Clinton/Obama would have been a dream team.

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