A Breakfast of Champions?

Ok folks just linking you with Ground Zero less than an hour before the big one. after the semis i’m predicting Bolt, Ricardo Thompson and Asafa in that order. i’m about to set off for New Kingston to watch it with everyone else on the big monitor. so more later. but right now it looks like the Caribbean has a monopoly on track and field!

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3 thoughts on “A Breakfast of Champions?”

  1. Annie,you almost had the trifecta,but Asafa was not able to make it.Kudos to Mr. Lightning Bolt for his tremendous victory in the 100m.Nuff respect Mr. Bolt!!

  2. 2008 Track & Field Medals Country Gold Silver Bronze Total USA 3 5 6 14 RUS 4 1 3 8 KEN 2 4 2 8 JAM 4 3 0 7 BLR 1 2 3 6 Jameka has done well as of Aug 20!!! Long way to go for the end of T&F…

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