12 thoughts on “When a picture is worth a 1000 words…”

  1. I caught part of her Republican convention speech and was acutely reminded of Tina Fey reading the “news” on SNL. But at least Tina Fey was funny and meant to be … Ominous times!

  2. Yes, well i somehow doubt that there are enough crackpots in the US post-the Iraq and Afghani wars to back such an obvious loon. but then again who knows? they did re-elect Bush!i don’t know Esteban i don’t want to bad-mouth the Taliban–so to speak…

  3. Tina Fey actually did a Palin impression on SNL later that day. Funny in the same way Dr. Strangelove was funny? But, do not underestimate the voting power of mid life crisis white males in the USA. It is one of the largest demographic groups.

  4. The Saunders site is great. Thanks for the link. In the recent Time article on Sara Palin there is a picture of her in the same posture over a very dead and bloody moose??? It’s a horrible shot but obviously provided the fodder for Saunders.I think everybody in media has to be Democrat. Let’s just hope they all come out to vote.

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