Produce-ing Laughter?

These were doing the email rounds; my friend Yaba Badoe sent them to me and i was about to forward them to various friends then thought this was an easier way to do it…

How on earth do people think of such things? talk about creativity–the creative parer! is this what they mean by ‘new media’?

Apparently these images are all from PhotobucketThe best place on the planet to store all your photos and videos

Author: ap

writer, editor and avid tweeter

11 thoughts on “Produce-ing Laughter?”

  1. is also quiet good, although I hate forwards. If your going to send me something, send me something new from the original source or money – I like money.

  2. exactly, whimsical is the perfect word, i would say time well spent…i mean a lot of people spend the same amount of time on trivial pursuits with nothing to show at the end of it–

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