7 thoughts on “Prediction…”

  1. did i call it or what?! i have no idea why all of you had jitters, doubts, bad feelings and the works. it was crystal clear to me that he was going to sweep it. so many friends in the US were telling me they had voted already days before for the big O plus sundry others who weren’t even black were completely behind him. what an extraordinary moment.three cheers for american democracy!

  2. In the end, it was a true landslide.As early as March it was clear that the Republicans had lost the plot. Voter turnout in the Democratic primaries and caucuses simply swamped Republican turnout. People were hungry for change, and the candidates who plausibly offered change were the ones that people turned to. I was looking at the numbers in the spring and thinking that this had to be a realigning election. But I was too nervous to want to say that aloud — cock mout’ kili cock after all.Obama’s victory has made it clear, the political ground has shifted in the United States and in much of the developed world.

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