My Man of the Year…Muntadar al-Zaidi

Muntadar al-Zaidi
A shoe in the hand is worth two in the Bush! Congrats my yute! The most inspired (and inspiring) act of the last few years…al-Zaidi shoes Bush on behalf of “the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq“. What an eloquent protest! Bush must also be congratulated for his restrained response…if only he had been as restrained about ‘the war on terror’ and invading Iraq–

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7 thoughts on “My Man of the Year…Muntadar al-Zaidi”

  1. Al-Zaidi is lucky to be alive (he is, isn’t he?) because those presidential body-guards are scary. I must say, though, that Bush did an excellent ducking job. I had no idea he was so swift-footed.

  2. V, you’re absolutely right; almost as breathtaking was Bush’s duck-ability–it triggered a conversation about whether American Presidents are trained to take evasive action anticipating various eventualities and so on…somehow i wouldn’t be surprised to discover that al-zaidi is a guerilla artist on the side…the symbolism was so brilliantly conceived!

  3. Al-Zaidi was trying to shoo Bush out of office. Hopefully his actions won’t result in him being pronounced dead due to shoecide.

  4. dude should a practiced BEFORE! man geez EPIC FAIL! but still there is also a possibility that bush is a robot. I still don’t know how they let him go to iraq and survive

  5. @ Owen: Heaven forbid anything happen to Bush, not least of all because Pres. Cheney might invade Iran whether it was two days or two hours left in office. In fact limited time may only increase the risk that they’d use tactical nukes and set off WWIII.

  6. Owen, a robot programmed to duck like that?? The Artful Dodger has finally earned my respect on the very eve of his Presidency…Duck! Duck!! he probably has webbed feet too.

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