Tweet Tweet! Tweetmeats anyone?

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Former ACP Mark Shields as depicted by Clovis in Observer, Nov. 5

Well, we know who the new Bank of Jamaica governor is going to be–Brian Wynter, son of Hector Wynter and nephew of the brilliant Sylvia Wynter. When it comes to the new Police Commish, your guess is as good as mine. No, contrary to previous speculation in this blog it won’t be L.A. Lewis, or Hell A. Lewis as some have named him. And much to the regret of many, his fans at Tivoli notwithstanding, its unlikely to be The Most Wanted Whose Name I Dare Not Utter here. So that leaves Daddy Cool, Mr. Reneto deCordova Adams, and a field of unknown talent. One grasps at any clue, however faint, and in that context i offer here the last three tweets of Mark Shields, or @Marxshields as he’s know in in Twitterland. These are the most informed 140 characters you’re likely to encounter anywhere on the subject of the new Commish. Tweet Tweet!

Yesterday, my worse fears came true. The beginning of an erosion of external influences over an organization that is already inward looking.
@Marxshields Mon 02 Nov 12:42 via web

The aftershock. Uncertainty and speculation. Insider or outsider? Let’s hope they act swiftly; make the right decision for JM; and not them.
@Marxshields Mon 02 Nov 22:00 via web

A job description has been requested from London. The post will be advertised but is it a foregone conclusion? The fool will apply – again.
@Marxshields Thu 05 Nov 08:21 via web

Who’s the fool? Who Who? and the new Commish? You have a clue?

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11 thoughts on “Tweet Tweet! Tweetmeats anyone?”

  1. hey Nat, no other local ones yet. the media too! in india all the major journos are tweeting but not in Ja boy–oh no, here ‘traditional’ is a good word…

  2. You can’t help but think that some atmosphere of instability is created (or perpetuated) with these resignations. The commish of police and the gov for the central bank are not insignificant positions, especially in these critical times.

    Great teaser though. I’ll check out his twitter feed.

  3. hi Madbull,

    yes, he’s still here…has established a consultancy, see link in previous post or one before that. you know he has a baby and babymama here so…

  4. You clearly have great investigative skills Annie I think you should get the job. It might cut into your tweet time though so brace yourself then make the sacrifice in the people’s interest.

  5. lol heavy L, no way will i compromise my tweet time. and for what?! the nation’s benefit? Tweet Jesus!!! no way–

    thesaltlick shall watch your Reneto for Commmish campaign with interest. good luck!

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