Jamaican police: All dressed in uniforms of brutality? The Robert Hill killing

These are my most recent tweets this evening after listening to a radio discussion on the killing of Robert Hill by the police here. The story had been reported in yesterday’s Sunday Herald which had already reported in October that Hill was being threatened:

“Robert ‘Kentucky Kid’ Hill predicted his death and he actually named the cops who would be responsible.”

Acc to the Sunday Herald’s team, Hill, virtually in tears, said he was convinced that cops were stalking him and he felt intimidated.

Based on a police report, Hill was killed during a shootout with a police party on Wednesday, December 9

“They killed my child. How am i going to come down there and bury my son?” Robert Hill’s mother on Nationwide Radio.

Its not the Jamaica Constabulary Force, it’s the Jamaican Criminal Force, declares Cliff Hughes on Nationwide radio

“He’s never going 2 see his baby grow. She’s never going to know her father” Robert Hill’s sobbing mother said.

Carolyn Gomes, spokesperson for Jamaicans for Justice, is holding Acting Police Commissioner responsible for safety of Junior, Robert Hill’s cousin, who saw the killers. He is missing, alleged abducted…

“None of us is safe. They can get away with it. ” Cliff Hughes. Nationwide Radio.

One of my ‘tweeple’ responded asking:

who was Robert Hill Annie?

i referred him to the Sunday Herald article.

Then he sent this: ok. Kentucky. You seen the youtube link i posted last week? he names the police

i begged him to repost the link and he did urging me to read Kentucky’s comments on the video. See it below…

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9 thoughts on “Jamaican police: All dressed in uniforms of brutality? The Robert Hill killing”

  1. Without a doubt,certain elements within the Jamaica Constabulary Force are totally out of control.Is this the collateral damage alluded to by the Minister of National Security ?!Jamaicans, it is imperative that we stand up for our rights.

  2. This is happens so much in this country, similar situations…. Just imagine he knew told everyone, put it on youtube call in to the media and authorities and he still got killed and the killer is out there.
    And it looks like less people are concerned as they aught to be.

  3. Absolutely Anon! i hope the media doesn’t let go of this. It’s quite terrifying to think about what happened to this poor man. it could happen to you or me. no kidding. and nothing could save us if these extrajudicial killings go unpunished.

  4. Anonymous said…
    This dont suprise me not one bit. I was harrassed and stalked by a policeman at the Port Antonio Police Station named ******. After many attempts to trying to report this to the police sup, nothing was done. He even sent a well known hitman after me and my wife as well. Its just a good thing I knew the hitman on a friendly basis before he was contracted by ceman at the Port Antonio Police Station named ******l. After being stalked and threatened with a gun at my residence and threatened in the streets by not only him but his friend and fellow policeman named “ceman at the Port Antonio Police Station named “***” nothing was done and contatcing the comissioner was a joke as well. How do people expect to live in country like that? Countless people have been killed by the police in Jamaica who think they have some sort of entitlement to do as they please. Is my problem over withceman at the Port Antonio Police Station named ******? I doubt it will ever be over in some ways. Will it lead to my death? Perhaps……Only time will tell. If we wait on the “officials” to do something we will be in the same boat for the next 400 years. We must take it upon ourselves to protest this kind of behaviour. will we be targeted for protesting? YES and they can not kill us all.

    PS: The above comment was left by an anonymous person. i had to remove the names before publishing as the normal libel rules would apply.

    I feel it for you. This sounds like a terrible experience.

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