7 thoughts on “Trouble in Paradise: A Picture called Death?”

  1. Ah boy, another tough question that we all have opinions on but no answers for… *sigh*

    Mr Coke’s extradition, or non-extradition, has become a serious joke… as has the prime minister who refuses to take some sort of definitive action (unless his current position is indicative of the definite stance that he has taken, that we haven’t yet recognised and he hasn’t yet announced … scary).

    The fact that The Economist has now reported on Jamaica’s sorry situation is evidence of how low we have sunk in terms of credibility and respectability in the international arena… what most people don’t realise is that, similarly, Foreign policy’s report on Trinidad is evidence of the widespread repercussions that our Prime Minister’s decision will have on the region.

    We cannot be fooled: this decision will not affect Jamaica alone.

  2. ackeelover chronicles is a infamous pig who doesnt care 4 me. he made me pay 4 his vile autograph, plays vile games he loves me & he will come to my home. i told da police but they cant help me. dis is da last straw i will put up with his abuse. go to hell peter williams apophis.

  3. Hail Annie Paul, mi deh yah again.
    Some are saying that Bruce ‘Gelding’ has shown balls in denying the extradition request of Dudus by the US government.

    Unfortunately, Bruce’s seems to be flashing all Jamaicans (for the wrong reason) and his tiny stance pales in comparison to Uncle Sam’s massive case.

    Gelding’s stance on the issue is flaccid and really reveals how impotent he is politically. His political power seems to be built on a fragile majority in parliament and the reputation and actions of area leader Coke. If any of these situations change even in the slightest Bruce will never see Jamaica House again as PM.

    Finally, “how come”(twins of twins/JPS) you haven’t commented on the songs in defense of Dudus’ innocence and virtue. Eg. “A which Dudus dem a talk?” (twins of twins) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dvggf9BZIEg

    Peace and love, Stero

    PS. Don’t you find it ironic that a dancehall artiste named “BUSY SIGNAL” is the key promotional character for the current Digicel “gimme five” promotion. Next time they should consider using the group “Voice Mail”. BUSY!

  4. I was awaiting your return Anonymous…and you haven’ let me down. I note your comments on the Chief Serpent’s predicament. Any weh him tun macca jook him.

    You have obviously not been reading my blog regularly enough or you would have noticed that I commented on both Bunny Wailer’s plea and the Twin of Twins spoof months ago in a post called The Extradition of Dudus and Good Cop, Bad Cop.

  5. Aaaahhh, Annie I remember that piece. BTW…my friends told me that it is not Busy Signal on the Digicel advertisement just some guy that sounds like him. When I inquired who it was there was a pause…and then somebody said maybe its GARY.

    Peace and love, Stero

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