3 thoughts on “Aid for Haiti: The Martha Machado Artistic Brigade and the Roktowa Haitian ‘Trembling Heart’ Residency”

  1. Annie – Thanks much for sharing the info about the brigade — I looove it!!

    I also totally understand your initial reaction to your artist friend.

    But, I think that his/her limitations in terms of how [don’t] they understand the relationship between art and social life is not their fault alone. We’ve talked about this before. In fact, I think the canvas idea, while “fluffy” yes, can be the impetus to and help generate exactly the kind of work that the brigade abnd Roktowa are doing. So, though you call me a “task mistress” (which I most definitely am!) I do think it’s important to let people start from where they are. Sure they might not share your or my perspectives about the kinds of engagement that are necessary right now, but they can get to that point. And they can only do so when they start something, see that it’s not quite what they were aiming for, and with both encouragement and critique, they can do some amazing things.

  2. Yes, you’re quite right, everyone has to start where they can but as i pointed out to this friend, each of us doesn’t have to think up ways to help Haiti individually. There are good projects underway already that need support–how about lending a hand with them instead?

    I think what bugs me is the lack of research into what the best ways to help might be, learning from the pros (NGOs) who have vast experience etc. all it takes is a google search y’know!

  3. Annie – I totally feel you; we are seriously challenged when it comes to thinking and acting in a collective fashion. Initiatives like these are a reminder that we are the ones who are behind, not all the other folks we love to look down on.

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