Bradygate continued…

Update: Today was the most unsettling exciting day in the last decade or so. Around 3 pm started to hear rumours that ‘war’ was going to break out because the Prime Minister was going to announce that the extradition proceedings agaist ‘Dudus’ Coke were going forward. A feeling of panic began to spread and there was a stampede to get out of downtown where the rumours started circulating around 11 in the morning. By mid-afternoon everyone was on the road trying to reach a safe place. Top 10 ways to get home quickly proclaimed a blog…

The most interesting thing was that the US Embassy sent out an announcement saying a talk it had planned to hold at the Institute of Jamaica tomorrow was being postponed. I found the title of the talk interesting. It was called “Congress and the President: An Invitation to Conflict” and should have been delivered by one Don Baker. hmmmmmmmm. Doesn’t Bruce own a bakery?

At the appointed hour Bruce Golding addressed the nation looking suitably contrite and apologizing profusely. Then he announced that the Attorney General was going to sign the relevant papers so that the extradition could proceed. Dudus’ lawyer, Tom Tavares-Finson was reputed to be livid with anger; he would defend his client in court he said.

More on the runnings tomorrow. Time for bed now…

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5 thoughts on “Bradygate continued…”

  1. I know Tom T-F is pretty light-coloured, but livid means “flat white” (as if all the blood had drained from the face).

  2. FSJL said…

    A prominent national figure once said to me “we are a violent society”. Things have not changed in the more than a quarter-century since he said that to me. The reality, of course, is that Jamaican society was born out of the violence of slavery, and there has never been any idyllic moment in its history, no matter what lies the people who frame the history tell us. The gun is just the latest tool in that violence, and the only difference today is that the people wielding the weapons do so at the behest of people originating at the bottom of society. The reasons for violence have not changed in over five centuries: profit and power.

  3. Had to cut and paste FSJL’s second comment in, don’t know why…it didn’ appear in the comments window but was in my email…

    You’re right, these situations aren’t new. but this may be the first time someone’s trying to crack down…

  4. Hail Annie Paul, Bruce Golding is the BIGGEST HORSE’s ASS if there ever was one. The disdain I now have for politics and all politicians is not exactly “unpresidented” but it’s getting there.

    Wasn’t Bruce “Gelding” supposed to be Jamaica’s Barack Obama…wasn’t he supposed to bring hope and a new style of leadership? Wasn’t he supposed to be the ultimate statesman…the anti-Portia?
    Gelding and his cohort (especially NELSON,SAMUDA and SHAW) should GO….post haste!

    Peace and love, Stero

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