Sister Dudus Coke: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly….

Clovis, Jamaica Observer, June 23, 2010

“Have you caught that guy yet?” was a question frequently thrown at me in recent weeks by friends and family abroad who remembered hearing about Jamaica’s elusive don, Christopher “Dudus” Coke in the international media coverage that followed the deadly raid on his citadel in Kingston which left 74 Jamaicans dead in late May.

I was getting ready for a party I was hosting to launch a series of artworks called “The Hunt for Dudus” by Belizean artist Hubert Neal Jr when a friend called with the news that Dudus had finally been captured. While the details are still filtering through to an excited public and before i actually write a proper blogpost on the subject i thought i’d share these unforgettable images with you. Soon come with the rest of the post!

Dudus as church sister, in wig…photo released by Police. Allegedly the car also contained a pink wig just in case a more preposterous get-up was required in a hurry.

Above: The indefatigable Reverend Al Miller, who was supposedly escorting the hapless don to the US Embassy when their car was intercepted by the Jamaican police.

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2 thoughts on “Sister Dudus Coke: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly….”

  1. Too much, I tell you. I think the police put the glasses and wig on his head to take this picture. There’s no mention in any of the reportage of him wearing any such get-up when he was caught on the highway or when taken into custody. And you know that neither police nor reporter would miss saying something about that! Plus there are other pictures circulating where he’s in custody and is not wearing them.

    Poor thing; now people are making fun of him. Did he or Al Miller really think that it takes so little effort to pass as a woman? At least get a wig made of human hair instead of one that looks like a dead animal,for god’s sake. Nobody dare compare him to a drag queen – that’s an insult to them!

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