Who Tipped off Dudus?

Paul the Octopus calls it in Jamaica’s Dudus saga…

Las May, Gleaner

Did anyone else watch the Diamond League showdown between Asafa Powell and Usain Bolt today? What a race! The top three spots were taken by Jamaican runners, Usain first with 9.84, Asafa next with 9.91 and Yohan Blake in third place. It’s called a Trifecta apparently…

Speaking of world beaters, Jamaica has two of the world’s best cartoonists as well. Las May of the Gleaner Co. and Clovis of the Jamaica Observer. The cartoon above of OctoPaul confronting the Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding with an accusing tentacle had me in stitches for days. Great way to tie in the World Cup in which Paul the Octopus played a starring role with local politics and the sensational Admiral Lewin revelations.

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3 thoughts on “Who Tipped off Dudus?”

  1. There’s been a lot of improvement in Jamaican cartooning since the days of Leandro. He was pretty pedestrian. Livinston McLaren in the Daily News (bona memoria) was much, much better.

  2. agreed Frag, no comparison between Leandro who typically drew the ‘common man’ looking at a basket of ackee exclaiming at the price, and today’s top Jamaican cartoonists…

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