Angry Birds?: #revolution #eggthiefs #Mideastuprisings

I tweet about the Mideast uprisings being similar to Angry Birds killing Green Pigs and voila a brilliant, satirical video along the same lines appears!

On the 27th of February I tweeted the following:
The Libyans, Egyptians, Tunisians et al are like angry birds revolting against the ‘circular green pigs’ #revolution #eggthiefs #Egypt
Today someone in my timeline tweeted a link to an incredibly sharp, satirical video parody of the Middle East uprisings. You might be excused for suspecting the author of this brilliant sendup was inspired by my tweet. The video was uploaded by on Mar 28, 2011 and is at the bottom of this post. View and enjoy, its hilarious. I guess we must be on the same wavelength!
Oh for those who don’t know, Angry Birds is the bestselling smartphone game app that millions are addicted to, including myself. I quote from an Economist article on the phenomenon:

The chances are that you have either played it, or seen someone else playing it or been invited to play it. But if not, the basic idea is that you use your mobile phone touch-screen to lob a preordained series of coloured birds, one after another, towards precarious buildings containing one or more circular green pigs. There is some kind of plot that explains all this, but nobody I know has ever bothered to pay attention to it, because that would delay the arrival of the next level.

The idea is to kill all the pigs by getting things to fall on them, knocking them to the ground or blowing them up (the colour-coded birds have different abilities). This usually requires multiple attempts as you try different demolition strategies. Once you’ve finished a level, another slightly harder one appears, and another, and another. It is life-stealingly addictive and hugely popular: about 30m copies of the game have been downloaded in the past year. But “Angry Birds” is more than just another mobile-phone game. It epitomises gaming in 2010 in three ways. First, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and by both casual and hardcore gamers. Each attempt at a level takes just a few seconds, which is great when you’re standing in a queue or on a train platform. But it can be played for hours on end. It’s simple enough to pick up quickly, yet also has depth and replay value for the more obsessive gamer. This is a circle that game publishers everywhere are suddenly trying to square.


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5 thoughts on “Angry Birds?: #revolution #eggthiefs #Mideastuprisings”

  1. Hail Annie Paul, angry birds indeed. Did you see the American Eagle crush the house of stone? Now that’s one angry bird. (Angry that Africa’s third largest oil producer would agree to supply China with as much oil as they wanted).

    On the subject of angry birds…I saw some people wave at Bruce Golding recently…they didn’t use all their fingers…just the middle one. I guess that’s how Jamaicans flip a bird.

    Bruce Golding is now Bruce Lie (Jamaican pronunciation for Lee)because he used his Kong Fool (Jamaican pronunciation for Fu)to fend of the attacks of the PNP’s Ninja Kill Dorothy Knight.

    Finally, I have decided that Jamaica needs a revolution NOW! We must keep up with international trends and not fall behind on this matter. I’m therefore using this blog as a medium to enlist new members to the People’s Revolutionary Party (PRP). The only requirement for membership is that we all shoot in the same direction (of my choosing).

    Enlist now, the revolution will be televised…sorry…social networked!

    Peace and love, Stero

    1. Stero! as usual i was just waiting for you! in fact have laid in a bottle of your fave Scotch…so drop by and we will discuss details of Jamaican Revo!

  2. “The idea is to kill all the pigs by getting things to fall on them, knocking them to the ground or blowing them up (the colour-coded birds have different abilities).” I almost peed on myself just now! I’d never heard of this game, but can just imagine you playing it in one of those boring, never-ending meetings – there, I killed the “pro vice chancellor” pig; next up is “the annoying administrator who mispronounces words” pig. DWL

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