Twitter wit: #bookswithalettermissing

A selection of tweets that appeared under the hashtag #bookswithalettermissing and how it spilled over onto Facebook…

A baby Dik-dik--a tiny East African antelope (via @biscuitzombie)

On August 3, 2011, someone on Twitter started a hashtag that unleashed a veritable firestorm of creativity from people around the world trying to think of whacky new entries for book titles with a letter missing. All these tweets were consolidated under the hashtag #bookswithalettermissing. I present a selection for your pleasure…

stantonmichael Michael Stanton

The Da Vinci Cod: A tale of a great man’s fondness of seafood. #bookswithalettermissing


RT @Dr3wonlin3#bookswithalettermissing Lack Beauty: a story of self esteem and horses

synopticalchart Synoptical Charts

The Holy Bile #bookswithalettermissing


RT @DanielPink: The Virtue of Elfishness – wherein Ayn Rand makes a stirring case for the moral integrity of elves. #bookswithalettermissing

pgnimmo paul nimmo

now this one IS funny! RT @mektastic: The Velveteen Rabbi #BooksWithALetterMissing

emccullough Elizabeth McCullough

Jurassic Ark — How dinosaurs survived the Great Flood. #bookswithalettermissing


#bookswithalettermissing Brave New Word by Aldous Huxley. Huxley’s satirical novel on the future of the dictionary


The Oy of Sex. A Jewish guide to lovemaking. #bookswithalettermissing


Life of I (my unexpurgated autobiography) #bookswithalettermissing


A Moveable East (Oriental Theory of Relativity) #bookswithalettermissing

CParkhurst1 Carolyn Parkhurst

Naive Son: Richard Wright’s protagonist remains blissfully unaware of the racism present in 1930s America. #bookswithalettermissing

KAKoehler Kim Koehler

Watership Dow The hare-raising story of the stock market.#bookswithalettermissing

Brilliant! RT @bartandlife Franz Fanon’s – White Ski Black Mask

The Enigma of a Rival #Bookswithalettermissing<Paul Theroux’s lost book…

But it was after I posted the preceding title on Facebook that the Trinis took over the competition, betraying Bolt-like capacities. There was no keeping up with them so I retired from the fray and left them to dream up the following list of priceless titles:

Judy Raymond Came up with a couple: the book that sums up Salman Rushdie’s entire oeuvre: Same

Jonathan Ali On the Naipaul theme: A Hose for Mr Biswas (gardening)

Judy Raymond The gothic novel about Heathcliff’s rowing ambitions: Wuthering Eights

Judy Raymond A novel about typographers: And then We Came to the En

Judy Raymond  A culinary memoir by Margaret Atwood: The Year of the Food·

Jonathan Ali A French woman’s struggle with infertility: Madame Ovary

Annie Paul Jonathan saw that one too!

Judy Raymond Nick Hornby’s novel about a deadly new plague…Fever Itch

Judy Raymond Michael Holding’s memoir, War and Pace

Judy Raymond Lottery winner mysteriously disappears in Gone with the Win

Georgia Popplewell Argh – just as I was about to retire for the night. There’s also Nabokov’s Madison Avenue screed – Ad. ·

Georgia Popplewell And Faulkner’s scathing indictment of the mink industry – The Sound and the Fur.

Judy Raymond That classic of little creatures on the riverbank, Harry Otter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Jonathan Ali What about Joyce’s novel about a teenage writer who has a baby? Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ma

Georgia Popplewell If you let me remove two letters, I’d recommend Graham Greene’s paean to Chinese fast food – The Pow and the Glory. (But I know that’s cheating).

Judy Raymond New World archaeological text: Ur Man in Havana

Jonathan Ali Bet you never read Greene’s novel about his mother’s trip to Cuba—Our Ma in Havana

Judy Raymond Or the one about the female Hannibal Lecter-style mass murderer, The Ma in the Iron Mask

Georgia Popplewell Orwell’s exposé on cut-rate safaris: Animal Far.

Judy Raymond Salad recipes from Wessex: The Mayo of Casterbridge

Judy Raymond To go with that Dickensian Jewish dish, Liver Twist

Jonathan Ali The tome about trying to escape a frenzied bird: Far from the Madding Crow ·

Georgia Popplewell New-age primer on maco-ciousness: Eat, Pry, Love.

Georgia Popplewell Susan Sarandon’s post-breakup tell-all: A Wrinkle in Tim.

Judy Raymond A memoir of a literary family, Reams from My Father

Georgia Popplewell Ralph Ellison on his mommy issues: Invisible Ma ·

Jonathan Ali searching exploration of the rise of consumerism in India: The God of Mall Things

Georgia Popplewell Guess now you’re going to mention Rohinton Mistry’s shark novel: A Fin Balance.

Georgia Popplewell Or maybe Amitav Ghosh’s harem exposé: The Lass Palace.

Georgia Popplewell Or that survey of intellectual property in the UK: The English Patent.

Judy Raymond Biography of a milliner, The World Is Hat It Is

Jonathan Ali Memoir of a biologist: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genus

Georgia Popplewell About a not very nice nobleman: The C*nt of Monte Cristo.

Georgia Popplewell ‎(Pardon my French)

Jonathan Ali About environmentally conscious French soldiers: The Tree Musketeers

Judy Raymond Hemingway’s tale of farming in Kenya: The Sows of Kilimanjaro

Georgia Popplewell Mole, Ratty, Toad and Co. score big in Play-Whe: The Win in the Willows.

Jonathan Ali Huck settles down and opens a hotel: Huckleberry Inn

Georgia Popplewell A Haitian band hits the big time: The Golden Compas

Georgia Popplewell A bunch of chickens become foreign correspondents in Africa: Coop

Jonathan Ali A whaler named Richard is set upon by Greenpeace activists: Mob Dick ·

Judy Raymond Eating disorders on the rise among men: Jake’s Thin ·

Georgia Popplewell Again, lemme lop off two letters and I’ll give you the one about an epidemic of fever and chills in N. Africa: The Ague ·

Judy Raymond Naipaul’s dodgy autobiographical fragment, Half a Lie ·

Georgia Popplewell One woman’s fight to gain control over her partition of the family computer’s hard drive: A ROM of One’s Own ·

Judy Raymond And her struggle to rear an orphaned marsupial: A Roo of One’s Own ·

Georgia Popplewell A tropical lizard tells all: The Heart of the Matte · · 1 personLoading…

Judy Raymond Umberto Eco’s guide to caviar, The Name of the Roe ·

Georgia Popplewell Primer on local customs: Native So

Georgia Popplewell A rabbit who makes you an offer you can’t refuse: Watership Don. · · 1 personLoading…

Georgia Popplewell Inhabitants of Blue Mountain Peak score big in the local lottery: A High Win in Jamaica ·

Georgia Popplewell Celebrity parent who lavishes more attention on her fans than her offspring: The Autograph Ma ·

Jonathan Ali Man who can never tell the truth: Lord of the Lies

Jonathan Ali Tale of black community in Florida fixated by traffic lights: Their Eyes were Watching Go

Jonathan Ali Prince Andrew spends a year at Charles and Camilla’s: In the Castle of My Kin

Georgia Popplewell That hunk looked great in red: A Stud in Scarlet

Georgia Popplewell Woman’s cross-dressing sibling was really her mother after all: Brother Ma

Georgia Popplewell Somehow, the West Indies cricket team triumphs: The Win of Astonishment


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