The new face of Grace (Kennedy)…

Taking note of Grace Kennedy’s 90th birthday…

Grace Kennedy, one of the foundational business companies in Jamaica turned 90 today. For some reason i remember a campaign they did some years ago advertising ‘the new face of Grace’ to a lot of pomp and fanfare. Alas the new face turned out to be that of an uber-browning, a pretty, pony-tailed woman who was shown sweeping up and down supermarket aisles with a cart, doing her shopping. Unfortunately the public at large gave her a frosty reception so she was duly dispensed with.

When my son was growing up he would watch the Grace Kitchen series on TV and want me to reproduce the meals they showed you how to cook. The video below is sort of a spoof of that series but its a gem in its own right. Comedian Fancy Cat showing us how to cook Jamaican Steamed Fish with Crackers…come on…try it!

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