Caribbean Swagger!

A wonderful song by Trinidadian singer Ataklan exemplifies how the region feels after the London Olympics.

This great song by Ataklan, one of the best kept secrets of Trinidad and Tobago, truly captures the outcome of Olympics 2012 for the region. Especially sweet for me is the fact that I’ve known this song as its developed through its various stages. Enjoy it!

Is it time for a Caribbean Sports Academy asks Ronald Sanders in this op-ed article on

The people of the English-speaking Caribbean have every reason to be proud of their athletes and of the impact they are making on the world, but this pride will not be sustained unless governments and the private sectors invest in the facilities these gifted athletes need. To ensure future champions, how about a single sports academy manned by outstanding coaches, located in Jamaica and funded by all the governments and private sectors of the Caribbean Community, for the region’s elite athletes?

Here also is my new Newsweek article on Usain Bolt and how he embodies Jamaica’s national character and spirit.

Most postcolonial countries have found it hard to overcome the handicaps they inherited at independence, and Jamaicans are rightly proud of their superb tradition in athletics and the country’s incomparable music, both of which have catapulted them onto the world stage on more than one occasion. For a nation this tiny, Jamaica has an ego and cultural wallop grander than most superpowers, punching way above its weight, as some here like to say.

For more click here.

I should add that this time my piece wasn’t touched by the editors at all, except for punctuation. I do wish they’d left the word ‘sly’ out of their title or used a different title altogether. The only consolation is that it might lure anti-Usain folk into reading it thinking its a critique 🙂

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