The Senseless Death of Dwayne Jones aka Gully Queen

Laments the killing of Gully Queen, a young transgendered male, by a mob at a party near Montego Bay.



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I’ve been very disturbed by the wanton slaying of the young wo/man in these photographs, Dwayne Jones. S/he was killed on Monday night in St. James, not far from Montego Bay, the tourism capital of Jamaica. As the excerpt quoted below says, Dwayne was killed after a woman recognized him and irresponsibly outed him at a party he attended cross-dressed in female clothes.

I think this woman should be identified and made an example of, don’t you? She must be sanctioned for needlessly endangering the life of a Jamaican citizen. And the media should treat this as the front page story it really is. Had Dwayne Jones come from Cherry Gardens or Norbrook, there wouldn’t have been another news item in Jamaica since Monday. But poor Dwayne was just a Gully person, worse he was an effeminate trans gendered Gully person…no space for him, no place, no grace, only jungle justice.

As a friend observed on Facebook:

Ignorant Hateful Jamaicans carry out their god’s commands.

The following excerpt is from the Minority-Insights blog:

On July 22, 2013 Dwayne Jones a Trans-gender otherwise known as “GULLY QUEEN” and “Dwayne Gagastar Trensetta” was shot and stabbed to death in the Irwin community, St James.
According to Iriefm news report, “the 17-year-old was dressed as a female and was dancing with a male, when a woman at the party recognized him and told other patrons that he was not a woman, but a male. One of the men at the party accosted the teen and conducted a search where he discovered that the teen was not a female. A mob then descended on the teen and chopped and stabbed him to death, before dumping his body in bushes along the Orange main road.”

Furthermore, the Jamaica-Gleaner reported that, “a number of explosions were heard and the police were summoned. They discovered Jones’ body on the roadway, with multiple stab wounds and a gunshot wound.” No arrest has been made.

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  1. This is the kind of thing that the government needs to speak to. I has involved in a huge discussion–DOZENS of comments–yesterday and the general sense was that boycotting Jamaica is a good idea. With all this talk of “Brand Jamaica”, the govt might want to speak out about this. JFJ doesn’t damage Jamaica’s reputation as much as this does!!!

    1. Thanks Erin. Yes absolutely but want to take bets we won’t hear a word from the govt posse about this. will Raymond Pryce at least say something?? I hope so.

      1. Raymond….. will do what they always do and keep his mouth shut. Until it affects them it will be some distant problem for some poor lad. Mrs Simpson miller will of course opt not to hear this bit of news either…… well unless we couple it with a spoof about Usain testing positive for banned substances.

    2. If this crossdresser was dancing with a man who is not a homosexual then he commited a deception that would definitely lead to anger and ultimately to his death. One should not deceive the other in a case where the heterosexual man thought he was dancing with a woman born as a female. If I am a heterosexual man who loves woman and I believes it is normal for a man to dance with a woman, and if I am a religious person I would be very upset and angry if a homosexual disguise himself to have a dance with me. This crossdresser deception caused his murder. If the above story is true then this man death was created by his own doing. A homosexual man in disguise should not be dancing with a heterosexual man.

      1. yes, deception is wrong but to think this is the rightful cause of a human beings murder is also wrong. people deceive each other all the time, are you saying we should all be murdering each other? you said you’re religious right??

  2. This is the type of thing that pains me. 17 years old is no age to die senselessly. I believe that the persons who decided this young man’s death should be brought to justice. Jamaica is so self righteous and backward and they say its in the name of christianity but where is the christianity in this!

    1. a batty bwoy deh fi bloodclaat dead aah evrybody who pick up fi him guh suck unu madda anuh mek killaz hole unu a road

      1. Mark Same here I am jamaican don’t like don’t need them Americans should stop trying to push their way of life on people and let us be ! Other culture forbids it so no simpaty to homo’s

    1. I do not support HOMO, but I do not support murder either, beside you cant embrace 1 set and attack the other HOMO is HOMO and am talking about those shameless girls.

    2. That’s like saying that in South Africa during apartheid whites did not “tolerate” blacks…same thing in the southern USA, when black people were practically lynched on sight if they were somewhere where someone (like you…) thought they should not be. When are you going to get it through your thick head that nobody has the right to attack and murder someone because they don’t like their identity????

    3. it’s a shame Jamaicans don’t tolerate human rights and freedom. ignorant people who support hate and murder need their freedom and human rights taken. It’s a sad shame that people are dying because of such self righteous thinking.

  3. While i dont support the killing of any individual, i must say that he was looking for trouble….. If ur gay, why the hell are u among straight men trying to deceive into thinking ur a woman? Its not like he was hunted and killed because he is gay

    1. Do you know that to be the case?? How do you know the person he was dancing with wasn’t gay as well? how do you know they intended to deceive? and even if he did who gave you or anyone else the right to take his life. men deceive women all the time, pretending to be single when they’re married eg. should we go about beating and killing them?

      What bothers me most about this is that we don’t yet know the facts and yet people like you–educated presumably–can make such ridiculous statements. Listen even if the man was gay and flirted with a hetero male he didn’t need to be killed. again men need to learn from women, we deal with unwanted advances from men all the time without resorting to violence. absolutely disgusted.

      1. deeevn business bout the circumstance innuh. from the guy nuh straight him a pose a potential threat to natural laws and to our unborn sons. if them a go so openly bout them thing, shellll them way yess

      2. I rest my case…thanks Ricky for providing more evidence of the casual evil i referred to…

        what about the rapists who are threats to your unborn daughters, your mothers, sisters and dawta dem as well as the natural laws? what are you doing about them??

      3. Annie Paul If the above story is true that he was pretending to me a woman while dancing with a man (who we do not feel was gay) then his deception would have lead to his death. Many straight people would feel unclean after dancing or sleeping with a gay person. Some people are religious and have their strong beliefs. You are right,!! men deceives women all the times but most people can accept that because they chose to be with that person regardless, but not chosing to be with a homosexual in diguise can be seeing as a sad thing that one can never recover from. I feel sorry that he was murdered but if he played a trick on someone by pretended to be a real born female then his death was his own doings. There was famous case in the U.S, about a similiar story. If it is ok to be gay, then be gay and feel good about it but do not violate another person by pretending to be woman when you are a man in disguise.

    2. So Shane, you are saying he went looking for it and he is to blame… Hopefully you will never know what it is to be the victim of violence but if you are remember you went looking for it because… you drive a nice car, dress well, walk a certain way… pick anything you like, it will work according to your logic!

      1. Excellent reply, Sharon – so Ricky, is this exchange encouraging you to THINK, to use your brain, and not to just react to anything that displeases you with violence? After all, what you said about this poor young man could easily be your epitaph too…

  4. The woman who exposed Dwayne Jones’ sexuality to the crowd has blood on her hands. She knew what would likely happen and that’s why she did it. If her intention was to expose a deceit, than why didn’t she tell Dwayne’s dance partner alone. Jamaicans who do not oppose this atrocity are complicit. As Martin Luther King said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” May God rest his soul and bring peace to his family. Thank-you Annie Paul.

    1. Exactly. She could equally well have gone up to Dwayne himself, taken him aside, and urged him to leave, if she was not prepared to keep silent. I just hope she is equally ready to tell her girl-friends when their men are out screwing other women…

  5. There is clearly something wrong with the action of the few, however, this young man chose to tempt fate and insult the people by choosing to impose himself upon them by deceiving the men who were clearly heterosexual. A little respect for the obvious situation would have spared his life as he would not have been at that party gyrating on man/men who had no desire to gyrate on a next man. However, please be mindful, that in recent years, most the macabre violence inflicted upon gays/homesexuals etc… have been perpetrated by people of their own sexual preferences, and less by other locals whom already have pressing economic/security matters to contend with. Your people need to fix these issues and stop maligning Jamaica’s image by making assertions that the entire population is out to get you. majority of Jamaicans don not give one flying %$#@, it is primarily a miniscule minority, of which most are of the less educated/uneducated demographic.

    1. I’m allowing your comment to appear here not because I agree with any of what you’ve said but because people need to realize the level of ignorance and casual evil we’re faced with In Jamaica.

      And by the way its killings like this that damage Jamaica’s reputation internationally, not the few homosexuals who exist here…and in all societies.

      The remarkable thing is that the mob who murdered poor Dwayne would have consisted of rapists, murderers, scammers, liars, adulterers, pedophiles and all sorts of criminals. Don’t tell me they were all paragons of virtue. And calculate the damage to Jamaica’s reputation of being host to such a wide range of real criminals without a problem. why not hunt down and kill a few rapists and murderers rather than young men who want to dress in women’s clothes?

      1. It was never my intention to make it seem acceptable that people should be hunted and killed for their beliefs and chosen lifestyles. I have never nor ever will support this kind of action. Jamaica, like many other countries, is quite a hypocritical country where the one dispensing mob justice could be a part of that they so vehemently deny, or criminal activity which needs to be expunged from society. Once again, it gave no right or reason for a young man to blatantly deceive someone into thinking he was a woman, when the other man clearly desired such. That is insulting to the other man’s ignorance and playing on one’s sexuality when it was clearly not desired, in a rather ignorant and hypocritical society where people try to save face in the public’s eye. If the situation had ended differently, with Mr. Jones leaving in peace, there would still be a man left being accused of by peers of being of that sexual persuasion and possibly being ridiculed or the victim of mob justice, with Mr. Jones having achieved his objective. Your response above reiterates my opinion, that there are people like yourself who believe that everyone in this country and this world should roll over and join this lifestyle and be smiling uncontrollably when deceived into thinking that a man is a woman and a woman is a man, or approached by man/woman in the hunt for a sexual or life partner. In addition, please note, that I find your opinions somewhat offensive (casual evil) as I know a couple people who have been deceived by those who choose to mislead the public like this young man did. From those who presented themselves as women or men in the hunt for others of the same sex, to those who drug fellow women or men and have their way with them without consent, thereby resulting in depression and suicide, and even withdrawal to live in an entirely different country (so as not to see this violator). And yes, you can delete this if you choose as you are clearly one to protect your views as the only acceptable opinions….I however know/knew some people who have suffered because of actions like this.

      2. You don’t know that the young man deceived anyone. This man was killed on the assumption that he deceived and the assumption that homosexuals are menaces to society who should be purged. I hope YOU or your male relatives never get mistaken one day for a gay person and lynched.

        Have I deleted your comments before? No, i post them in their full glory for people to come to their own conclusions. I don’t believe in censorship even when what is said is hateful to me.

    2. The heterosexuals are deceived by the shallow life style they live because once their eyes meet the makeup, short shorts/skirt/dress…..they stop paying attention.

    3. It is such a shame and disgrace to know that the government sit in the confines of their position and cannot secure citizens in the way they ought to be or bring justice to a system that apparently is not working. If it was a politician’s son it would be a bigger thing but no it’s a poor guy. The image of this atrocious crime does not speak well for the country. We turn off foreign investors; and tourist who would want to make Jamaica a destination. For the economy to do better the government will have to do their home work. No one should die a death because of his/her sexual preference. We don’t know all the details but he could have been set up and it is likely that others or the guy he was dancing are gays. This is tragedy.

      1. Thanks so much for your comment Thomas…all of what you say is true…had Dwayne been from Cherry Gardens or Norbrook his murder would have dominated the news but alas he’s one of the ‘disposable people’ Ezekel Alan has written so eloquently about.

    4. This sounds like the discussion we hear from whites in the US about black on black violence, Ray have you been drinking their koolaide? Do you count yourself among the educated or the uneducated demographic? You may be deceiving yourself but you are not fooling us! Do you believe that by starting your comment with this weak disagreement followed by the strong BUT he deserved it, that absolves you from responsibility? We are all responsible for this child’s life… stop blaming the victim because it means you excuse the barbaric behaviour!!!

    5. Ray, that’s rubbish – it’s like saying that Martin Luther King and other protesters against racism “were asking for it” when they integrated Whites Only facilities, and then were beaten up, and indeed killed for their pains. Moreover, what you have said about gays being mainly responsible for killing gays is quite simply a lie – it is the kind of lie perpetrated by homophobes who prefer to remain blind, deaf and dumb to the horrors inflicted on people because their sexuality is different from the norm. As for “maligning Jamaica’s image”, if the shoe fits, wear it – you can’t defend violence against homosexuals, and then wonder why people across the world react with scorn and disgust. It is behaviour that DESERVES scorn and disgust. I wonder what you mean about “your people” – do you really seriously imagine that only homosexuals are revolted by the mindless mob violence meted out to homosexuals? Take off those blinkers and get real.

      1. While I will never condone the killing of any person regardless of any differences (except in cases of murder or extreme violence toward people not able to effectively defend themselves) I disagree with Naseberry74’s comparison above. Martin Luther King and other activists openly challenged society at the time. He did not send blacks in hoods to KKK conventions or blacks disguised as whites to “white only” clubs.

        What Dwayne did was only ever going to end up badly if and when he was found out. I am not putting the blame on him but on the society he lived in.

        I am African (Nigerian to be exact) whilst homosexuality is still a crime in most of Africa, you hardly hear about lynchings and GAY people generally go about their business peacefully.

        I think Jamaica needs to address the problem from the root and stop just reacting to the symptoms. From all indications, this extreme homophobia has roots in slavery where male slaves were tied up and “buggered” as punishment either by the master/overseer or by a nominated other or a wooden pole.
        Add to this a high level of child abuse in a society where a high percentage are born out of wedlock or live in single parent homes with less than adequate adult supervision and you have a unique population.

        If decades and centuries of this torment is the root of this homophobia, we can’t just expect it to go away because ” nice people” from other countries say it is ok to be gay.

        I think the Government should run sensitization campaigns, targeting the poorer, less educated areas especially.

        I believe homosexuality is a sin against God, but we all sin and so no one can cast any stone, let alone the first. I feel really saddened that after all the persecution blacks have faced globally, within our own societies we still feel the need to perpetuate same for lifestyle differences. It will indeed be a better world where everyone were free to be themselves (thereby removing the need to decieve)

        Let’s leave the judging and punishing to the Creator.

      2. Thanks JG, what you say is absolutely true, centuries old prejudice is not going to go away coz nice ppl in foreign say it should…which is why Jamaica needs to undertake campaigns to address the mindless homophobia as and where it exists. Not all of Jamaica things this way but if they keep silent they too will be branded as belonging to one of the most homophobic places on earth…

        How do you explain the extreme intolerance in Uganda though JG which seems even one step ahead/worse than Jamaica? thinking of your slavery argument…

  6. it is everyone’s duty to take responsibility for preserving their own lives. this kid lives in a homophobic society and he knows the likely consequences of his choice. no amount of rule making and public speaking can make people accept homosexuals until the culture has changed and as it is now, the country is generally homophobic. He should have been more careful with his own life and not go cross dressing and dancing on a man at any event. I’ve seen gay persons and i can tell you that they walk in packs. why do they do this? because they know that they are not accepted in the wider society and therefore they have to seek acceptance with their own kind. im sure he knew that and if he wanted his life as much as you people think, he should have taken precautions. that’s the reason i lock my doors at night and even daytime, not because i cant get robbed or killed but because i know of the possibility and im taking precautions.

    1. I can’t believe you blame the victim… so a child walking on the street dragged away by a rapist should have been more careful with their life, because after all they know Jamaica is not safe for children? This is a 17 y o, a child, brutally murdered. Grow a conscience and take care you are not careless with your life too and we read a report about you…

    2. So if people are being discriminated against and living under threat of violence, they should just curl up and go away? Is that what people fighting for the civil rights of African Americans did? Those fighting for the end of apartheid in South Africa? Are you saying that Nelson Mandela was ASKING to be put in prison for decades, because he dared to speak out against and fight an evil system? Are you saying that homosexuals do not have the right to live openly and to fight their cause publicly? You have a very strange idea of what it means to live in a society, and what it means to be human.

  7. And how did you know that Dwayne Jones did not deceive this man Ms. Annie Paul? You your self weren’t there so therefore you don’t know.

      1. Erin, i open these comments with dread each day, and have to be super controlled not to be violent in my responses. i don’t like to put them up without any comment from me, yet i feel they must go up…to provide evidence of the will-to-kill that is so prevalent here.

    1. Are you suggesting that if he did, he deserved to die Kaydie because your comment as written communicates that?

  8. I read the whole story and heard accounts from patrons at the party. This place in general was brewing with killers and soon as someone is violated on a major scale.. it was not going to end well. FACE IT, in some parts of the world, you outsiders can’t touch. Jamaica is about tradition and people take that to heart and will kill over it. Same way other countries kill for just a women not wearing a head garment.

    1. Thank you. Just so we all realize and acknowledge that Jamaica is now seen as being in the same league as those barbaric societies which kill women for not wearing head scarves or for adultery or just for being a woman…

      1. Annie that is the Jamaica they are trying to build with their apathy… we must stop them! Thanks to you and others who are able to speak truth.

    2. Oh, so in other words, you just shrug your shoulders and walk away. That’s how things are, too bad (yawn). Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Are you really willing to accept such barbaric behaviour? Have you no interest at all in bringing about change, in re-civilising Jamaican society?

  9. Ray,
    Please state your proof of the following statement:
    “However, please be mindful, that in recent years, most the macabre violence inflicted upon gays/homesexuals etc… have been perpetrated by people of their own sexual preferences, and less by other locals whom already have pressing economic/security matters to contend with.”
    Do you have statistical proof or did you just make it up?

    1. There are no statistics to prove any such thing…poor foolishness…and wishful thinking. Oh perhaps this was a mob of crazy gay ppl who lynched Gully Queen, must be that…

  10. My heart goes out to Dwayne, may his soul Rest In Peace. A senseless killing yet again, for what? What good reason was there for this life to be taken? WHAT justifiable reason was there?

    1. Thanks, I’d like to end this comment thread with your questions mala0517…its a good note to end on. thanks for visiting and leaving your comments/questions.

  11. May she RIP. This is very sad, but thank-you for doing the honors and posting about it. I don’t know why this is still happening, why is this still happening. We all collectively need to dialogue against this kind of thing and it’s not about my being CIS, her being trans. Or anything like that. This is a human being, someone’s sister, someone’s child.

    God keep her… :[ This is very, very, sad and tragic but it makes me very angry.

  12. I knew Dwayne. He attended my church regularly. We gave him and his male friend money at times. He could sing really well but acted shy in many instances. We knew his orientation by his mannerisms and company, but never challenged them. They came and again because despite our being Christians with deeply different belief systems , we helped them financially and did not challenge them or “hate” them. . He and his male friend were always together , intertwined seemingly, until they broke up earlier this year and went with separate guys and groups.

    Dwayne walked openly on the streets of Montego Bay with his obviously gay friends, bleached faces, polished fingernails, high pitched voices. I guess a more relaxed country made him feel more comfortable to come out in the open, because in a small town everyone knows everyone and a dress, added breasts or plait of hair does not constitute a disguise.

    The lady who raised the alarm may just be one who voiced the suspicion of others at the party ” That girl is a guy!, not guessing the sequence of events that were to follow.

    So many readily identifiable gays walk openly here but the death of Dwayne is not the norm. You cannot say this is the 2nd , 3rd or 4th similar incident in Jamaica this year. It stands loudly and alone. A mob fever created by someone with a personal vendetta. Tomorrow this outrage could have been aimed at a straight persons.

    We are sorry he died.

    His death does not represent Jamaica, we are not a place of vigilante justice, it was a senseless act .

    Zimmerman does not represent America or the teen bombers. IT was a senseless act.

    The church has made a statement to enforce it does not condone Dwayne’s death.

    That is the truth.

    Dwayne , you never got the chance to find the God you were searching for …………. sorry to see you go this way.

    1. Thank you so much I Rose for this. I have been begging for more information on Dwayne, the person he was and what exactly happened that night.

      The perspective you’ve provided is really valuable. There’s only one thing i have to add and that is that yes this may be the first lynching in the Montego Bay are but its only about a year ago that there was a horrible case in Trelawny of a young man who was suspected of having molested and killed two young boys, actually he hadn’t, but a mob who gathered was convinced it was him and went to his home, when they didn’t find him there they set the house on fire and attacked his father and younger sister. So I’m afraid that unless someone is held responsible and a strong signal sent these kinds of mob killings, this arrogant vigilantism will continue.

      It’s so reassuring to hear that your Church was hospitable to Dwayne and his friend. We need to know these details, we need more such stories and more such information to piece together the puzzle that is Jamaica.

      1. Good Day Annie, I am absolutely Glad you made this post, I too knew Dwayne from church, he was such a nice person, funny always giving jokes and knew how to make everyone feel special, we knew his sexual orientation but we look past that and see him as the jovial person he is, Dwayne was also a believer in God i remember in August 2009 we went to church youth camp in St. Elizabeth and he was so active in worship and all the activities we had throughout the camp, I even at photo of him worshipping. Even tho i am against Homosexual am very sadden at this news. Its so shocking to know that there are people who still think they have the right to punish anyone for their act. I knew Dwayne as a wonderful person and i wish they had given him a chance to prove himself to the world. I can’t emphasized how dishearten i am at this but what make me more upset is that among this mob you had all sort of sinners: murders, thieves, scammers, fornicators etc but who is punishing them?? who is giving them their judgment?? god is not sleeping and he will repay them Dwayne death won’t go unpunished and may that girl who gave him up feel the wrath of what he felt…….Karma!!!

      2. Hey Blessja! Thanks for leaving this comment. It sounds like Dwayne had a lot of potential…what was done to him was unforgivable. Its good to know there are people who could look beyond their disapproval of homosexuality–it would be so good if the perpetrators could be found and tried but as you say they will get what’s coming to them sooner or later.

    2. I Rose, I’m so grateful to see a comment from a human being. You’ve told us something about the PERSON Dwayne, not the cross-dresser, the trans-gender, the homosexual, just the human being, Dwayne. Thanks for sharing with us.

  13. I met Dwayne and his friends in Jamaica just last month as they checked into the same hotel I was at. They were a nice set of guys just enjoying themselves. We took photos, they were dancing, and I tell you what they can really dance!!!! I just want to say that I am shocked and disgusted at the way he was brutally murdered by a bunch of cowards just because of his lifestyle choice. I just hope these people are caught and brought to justice.

    My deepest condolences to his family and friends…… R.I.P young man you did not deserve such an awful ending. God bless you. D x

    1. Thanks Tallgrid for visiting and leaving your comment. Really appreciate your sharing your memories of Dwayne, I hope others will also share their memories to give us a better picture of who this young man was.

  14. thank you I Rose for your story. So good to hear of your kindness and that of your loving church. I hope that Dwayne gets a Christian funeral as he seemed to believe in God.

  15. If he is gay he should have kept it to himself.But trying to pass as a female and having males dancing with him thinking he was a female he was mad. I don’t support they killing him but based on his action is blood his on his own shoulder. God says homosexuality is an abomination to him but people don’t respect god anymore.

    1. Well, I didn’t get that telephone call from god to say that homosexuality is an abomination. Mark you, Leviticus said so, but he also said that sex outside of marriage is an abomination…So, Davi Gordon, were you a virgin when you got married, if you are married? Have you only ever slept with one woman in your life? If you can’t answer “yes” to those questions, then you are the same kind of “abomination” as any gay person. And why should gays “keep it to themselves” that they are gay? How dare you, or anybody else, try to prevent anybody from expressing their identity?

      1. God never said sex before marriage is an abomination… Check. The wisest man Solomon had numerous wives and concubines, it wasn’t a problem with God

  16. Gays walk free in Jamaica everyday people see and know them and there is no problem . The problem Jamaicans have is when gay men flaunt their gayness openly in public or try to trick a straight man into thinking he is a female. That where the problem comes in and people in other countries don’t know this and think jamaicans kill all gays no that’s not so. As long as they keep their gayness personal they will be ok, persons in Jamaica still want their children to grow under godly principles. And Jamaicans are naturally against this lifestyle

    1. Yes, let our children grow up with the ‘godly principle’ that it’s OK to murder gay people. After all, who cares about the FIRST Commandment when being gay is so against god’s OTHER laws? Jesus himself would not dare to walk Jamaica’s streets, especially if he arrived wearing that long dress.

      1. Murder has never been legal nor acceptable in Ja, hence please, avoid the need to misleed the public……they can at times be gullible…likewise the propaganda some of you spread on Ja regarding our so called treatment of gays. This rock is a violent and dangerous place for everyone, hence all the M16’s rifles the police carry and the 9mm that the Firearm Licensing Authority issues to private citizens and all the grille work on the houses in Kgn 6,7,8,9 and the rest of Ja. This is simply a next effort at singling out a particular demographic as being ont he receiving end of this country’s bitterness. A person’s refusal to sleep with another of the same sex is quite similar to one refusing to sleep with another of the opposite sex because there is no attraction to the person, reinforcing the point, “no attraction to the person”. If the young man or like minded people want to test the true preferences of another, then present oneself as oneself, not as a wolf in sheep’s clothing…….

    2. “Jamaicans are naturally against this lifestyle”…speak for yourself! I am Jamaican, and I totally reject your statement. I have no problem whatsoever with homosexuals, with twins, with left-handed people, with anybody who doesn’t fit “the norm”, because I do not need people to be exactly like me in order to respect and love them as people. If you really want to be godly, you could try that approach. Archbishop Desmond Tutu himself has said that no god that he believes in could possibly sanction the targeting of any group of individuals, whether for skin colour, or gender, or sexual orientation, and now even the recently-elected pope has asked “Who am I” to try to deny the innate humanity of homosexuals. So there’s another example of what “godliness” ought to look like, i.e. not like you at all…

  17. Ms. Annie, thank you for the motivation…now I’m gonna start my campaign and blog to preach equality for all Jamaicans. Equal right, equal justice, equal punishment for all who offend, be it hetero, homo, hetero-homo, once you insult one, lawsuit fi yuh

  18. When anyone is murdered it’s never a good thing what people fail to say is that in soon instances even thieves get killed by a mob when they are caught. But you don’t hear about that only when a homosexual is killed its said they died because they are gay. But what you never hear about or the circumstances as to why they died or when a gang of gays go in communities and break into houses and damage property that’s never highlighted internationally. When you are gay in Jamaica just don’t flaunt it, if you do some research into most of how these guys die its at parties and raves. Why don’t lesbians get killed or beaten because they don’t behave like homosexual men who display boisterous behavior in public. If a gay goes to a party a dances with another male chances are he will be beaten

    1. Davi, that is just rubbish, and you know it (at least, I hope you do, otherwise I will be quite worried for you): “when a gang of gays goes into communities and break into houses and damage property” – in what parallel universe are you living? Are you QUITE insane? Are you now going to try to blame the high crime rates in Jamaica on gays???? But you are clearly quite ignorant of the facts – female homosexuals ARE often beaten up, especially by men who were interested in them, or with whom they may have had a relationship, and worse than that, they are often raped, by ignorant barbarians who want to “teach them” that they mus’ luv man. Again, I have to ask: why is it “flaunting”, just to BE YOURSELF? Why do you demand that homosexuals hide who they are? Just because it makes YOU uncomfortable?

  19. That little Bitch Gal tht went and tell the guys about Dwayne Gully Queen gully rat self needs to go to jail. She’s the one tht causes the little boy death. They have no rights to kill tht boy the way they did, thts somebody’s child. Ppl choose to live watever life they wants to live, som man have their woman and a Fuck them in their Butt, what tht make u?

  20. Shocking news, I only heard of it today, terrible !
    I’ m a transgender woman myself and my heart goes out to Dwayne. I live in The Netherlands, a very tolerant country for Gay and Trans-people fortunately.
    I am truly shocked ! Is there anything we can do ?

  21. I found out this week that there will be a vigil outside Jamaican Embassy in London this Wednesday 28th August at 6pm for Dwayne Jones.

  22. The Jamaican culture killed Dwayne Jones! Every comment justifying homophobia or simply indifferent to it, expressed privately or publicly continues the culture of gay and transgender hatred. What I find most disturbing about this case is:
    1. Dwayne was just a child.
    2. His Father threw him out at just 14 and then encouraged all the neighbours to run him out of the town – and they did.
    3. The high percentage of Jamaicans who appear to support the concept that he brought this on himself.
    4. His parents refused to claim his body. The gay organisation ‘JFlag’ had to take and buried his body.

    Comments previously posted by IRose attempts to escape the seriousness and depths of gay hatred in Jamaica. It is true GLBT Jamaicans routinely experience oppression, including death. It is all very well saying what the church has done and it does not condone this savage act – For followers of Jesus Christ, this is absolutely the very least they could do. The church should be out there holding vigils and demonstrating for human rights. Sadly from a Jamaican perspective this will seem radical – it isn’t!

    1. Hi Lala,

      Thanks for your comments, most of which i agree with. Apparently Dwayne’s family did collect his body and bury it in the end, in formal male attire. yes, you’re right, these are victims of a culture of suspicion and dislike of people whose sexuality doesn’t conform to the norms of the culture. and indeed the Church can and should do more to change this but actually they’re an agent of sustaining the culture not changing it.

  23. How comes Jamaicans are so obsessed with gay culture? For a country that dislikes it they spend a lot of time talking and thinking about it. I mean, If I don’t like something as long as that thing is not trying to bother me , like murdered, child rapists, pedos etc I don’t give it any mind space…

  24. I just came across this story and thread. I would like to say what a brave young person Dwayne must have been, going out dressed as a lady, knowing it is not accepted in Jamaican culture, yet making that decision that ended his life in such a brutal way. What gives people the right to make such ignorant judgements. Murder is murder, no matter what. It can never be justified. Talk about mob mentality. Was Dwayne harming children? was he hurting animals? I suspect not. People should educate themselves, and not follow the herd.
    My parents are Jamaican, as any children with Jamaican parents knows, we are taught to have respect for the elders or woe betide!! I have sat, listened to and challenged homophobic views, well any view I have not agreed with, and had my mout clapped one time for disrespecting my elders!!!

    All I can say if people do not speak out, then attitudes will never change.

  25. I felt great pain in my heart over the death of this guy words cannot explaned it is a sad news and I also wonder if that woman feel much like a queen to have someone killed its a pity that’s no one know who she is.

    1. Thanks for leaving your heartfelt comment here Richardo…no don’t wish for her death, that would just continue the chain of violence. But yes its a huge tragedy.

  26. Same sex is wrong and the bible say so as well and yet still many who read the bible and called them self christian, they help allow this form of act. I am a Jamaican and i hate the fact that they want to push gays in our culture and let them feel welcome. i wont feel comfortable and have a child to be adopt to this form of act.

  27. The response from some of these guests..absoultely ignorant , use your powers of reasoning and stop been such lunk heads, in this day and age we still talking aboout Batty Bway.. really, usually the people who protest so violently have somtehing themself to hide…Hmmm. Do you think people choose to be gay? I’m almost certain no one whould choose to be persecuted in the way that they are in Jamaica, who would choose that. Food for thought..that’s if some can actually put together a coherent thought.. God made them too. Peace

  28. KMT why the heck are we belabouring this – he knew the risks and he took them… He was a man behaving like a little duty gyal to say the least – whining up himself and having sex in the rear…. Nasty living unnumbered can sugarcoat all unnumbered want – I don’t condone the way he was killed and should not have been killed but he took his life to that environment – dumbass decision.

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