Operation #Tessanne: Shoring up the votes for Jamaica’s Voice

Jamaicans devise ways to cast votes for their songstress Tessanne Chin on The Voice


SEZi @SeziYesi
Please remember to hashtag #TeamTessanne #tessanne as the tweets go towards the win!!! #thevoice #pleasesupport #islandgirl

Sezi’s instructions to Tessanne Chin’s numerous supporters in Jamaica and Adam Stewart’s Instagram are a hint of the Voice mania that has overtaken the country. This  evening NBC’s popular singing reality show introduces a first-of-its-kind Twitter vote using the hashtag #VoiceSave.  This will allow tweeters to keep one contestant from joining the reject heap in an ‘instant save’ during a five-minute voting window toward the end of the results show. 

I’ve been quite amused by the national frenzy to make sure Tessanne Chin, the popular Jamaican singer on this season’s Voice, is not eliminated due to a shortage of votes. Everyone from radio talk show hosts to scholars to teachers is busy devising methods to beat Jamaica’s inherent ‘economy of scale’ problem. How else could a small country with a population of 2.5 million, three at the most, compete in generating the required votes for their favourite singer?

You just have to admire the ingenuity called forth by everyone and their grandmother, check out these tweets to see what i mean:

@SadeSweetness: My co-worker in Trinidad just gave me remote control of her pc via #Lync to vote for @TessanE via @Skype

Bitch! Lol RT @thtGrlDanielle: Every email in my contact list going vote fi tessanne whether u like it or not

Come on peeps, buy @Tessanne’s #thevoice songs on itunes, we need to get her numbers up. NO, downloading it illegally wont help. Ole Teef

Morning! We have until 11am.. Get up. Get voting. Or get friends/family in USA/CAN to vote for… instagram.com/p/gnXW0XBI2a/


Purchase during the voting period for the purchase to count for Tessanne’s votes. Voting period begins @ 9:55 PM.

And di las lick before me really gone to mi bed…Mek sure oonu vote, and tell your friends and family in the USA to vote for #tessanne

Right now Cuffe cant go outta road and do nuh wrongs cuz di whole world know him now and to how dem luv Tess dem wudda buss pon him

How could she not be the headline of @JamaicaObserver? We’re so proud of her! @NBCTheVoiceinstagram.com/p/gUS4JJvBHj/
Keeping it short today…tomorrow I’ll post about TVJ’s ‘exclusive rights’ to the Voice gambit, and how it fumbled before it found its footing.

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3 thoughts on “Operation #Tessanne: Shoring up the votes for Jamaica’s Voice”

  1. We have another 3 milion Jamaicans living in NY, not to mention 2 miliion Trinidadians, 1 million Bajans …. you get the point …. we have to get the entire diaspora at home and abroad to vote.

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