Tanya Stephens and her Tata Nano…

Jamaican singer Tanya Stephens sings the praises of her Tata Nano car.

Reggae artiste Tanya Stephens stands beside her 2013 Tata Nano motor car she nicknamed 'The Bubble'. - Contributed
Photo: The Gleaner
Reggae artiste Tanya Stephens takes a drive in her 2013 Tata Nano motor car she nicknamed 'The Bubble'. - Contributed
Photo: The Gleaner

India’s Tata Nano has a great brand ambassador in Tanya Stephens, one of Jamaica’s finest songwriters and singers, who is the proud owner of a silver Nano she calls the Bubble. In general Jamaicans go in for large, flashy SUVs and cars but Tanya didn’t see the point of parking expensive auto real estate for weeks when she tours. She also wanted something that wouldn’t guzzle gas, that was easy to park and a pleasure to drive. The Tata Nano has provided all three. “I LOVE the gas consumption (or lack thereof),” she said joking that the auto dealers were probably not amused considering they were trying to sell her a Land Rover. “Them so darn expensive and not getting me any more ‘there’! LOL” laughed the irrepressible Tanya.

In a Gleaner article today Stephens elaborated further:

“I’ve always loved small cars. I fell in love with them seeing them in Europe. Dem park so easy and drive so easy. It’s much more convenient than the type of car I usually go for, and I don’t really have any small kids anymore, and I have no crowd, and I have an allergy to high gas prices,” she joked.

Stephens has been acting as an ambassador of sorts for the Nano, as she offers test drives to close friends.

“The number of people who test drive my car, Tata need fi pay me. All of my friends. First of all, dem laugh. Dem say dem can’t picture you in this. Me in a small vehicle, it doesn’t detract anything because mi personality much bigger than any vehicle mi go inna anyway, so mi no need fi compensate because I lack nothing,” she said.

Tanya Stephens is set to release the album Guilty on December 20. The first release party is set for December 5 at Pier One in Montego Bay. The December 6 staging will be at White Bones Restaurant in St Andrew.

One eagerly awaits the appearance of Tanya’s beloved Bubble in one of her songs.

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