Some interesting tweets…

Stephen B. Aranha @sbaranha
I celebrate #Thanksgiving the old-fashioned way; I invite everyone to an enormous feast, after which I kill them and take away their land.

StNaija @StNaija
It is interesting how large 1 Million Naira sounds when you don’t have it, and how small it is when you do.

Adidja A. Palmer @iamthekartel
Tek ppl fi fool. Paid informant n anancy story while unu siddung in a Parliament bout unu waan lock up man fi sing crtn dancehall song. Smh

StNaija @StNaija
One man talks carelessly and it becomes an indictment on the nation? Una go school at all?

StNaija @StNaija
Yes it is! 🙂 “@anniepaul: Wondering if the ‘una’ is equivalent to the Jamaican ‘unno’ meaning you plural or you all @StNaija”

Chiagozie Nwonwu
@StNaija @anniepaul both of them are from Igbo Unu–you, collective.

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