An interview with Hazel Dooney about PREE

Artist Carol-Anne McFarlane shares good news, in part as a result of our podcast episode (#2), and we talk about the creation of new systems by people for whom the old ones weren’t viable. We cover the innovative work of Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator (DVCAI, founded by Rosie Gordon-Wallace) and Black Girl Basel (founded by Kesha Bruce, Carol McDonald and Mavis Gragg); Carol-Anne’s recent contribution to AIM Biennial (with Marie Vickles and Mikhaile Solomon); and group self-publishing the book “Beaver the Exhibition” with Naomi Elena Ramirez and Kristen Korvette.Instagram: @camcfarlane and @dvcaiWebsites: and dvcai.orgPhoto: Portrait of Carol-Anne McFarlane and Izia Lindsay by Roy Wallace.
  1. #9 Carol-Anne McFarlane
  2. #8 Lilly Moorhouse
  3. #7 Sarah Marie Lacy
  4. #6 Frances Borzello
  5. #5 Annie Paul

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