More World Cup Underdogs…#ALGvsGER and #USAvsBEL

Curated tweets from Algeria vs Germany and USA vs Belgium in the World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

  1. If you run out of World Cup Budweiser keep old bottles and boil up some rice. Chuck away rice but put water into bottles in fridge. Chill.
  2. Drink cold, but go easy, it’ll be a higher alcohol content than you are used to. #fudweiser
  3. The world upside down: Algeria teaching Germany how to play soccer. It might be just a brief dream.
  4. You can hear the Algeria fans singing pro-Palestine songs in the Stadium ️
  5. Never, ever thought I’d say this, but Germany look tactically inept.
  6. In today’s #WorldCup recap, Jonathan Wilson on the political fear of soccer and how to shame a pathological diver: 
  7. @FutbolsaCountry May the team that holds the more legitimate historical grudge against #FRA prevail.
  8. Don’t know if Algeria is fasting. But Germany is definitely slowing.
  9. Germany is struggling against guys who haven’t eaten all day.
  10. The Muslim world could use a lift ya now… New caliphate and all#ALG
  11. Wait, Algeria holding Germany to a tie? What a World Cup.
  12. Great game Algeria. You made us proud. Well done Germany.
  13. Nooooooo. Germany plays France next. Here come all the WW2 tweets. Gah!
  14. “Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end the Germans win.”—Gary Lineker Or 120 minutes, Gary.
  15. Unnuh see dat goal???? Slimani … Algeria …. OMGawd
  16. Is there extra extra time in extra time?
  17. Yow, big up Algeria.
  18. Fucking beauty! Never saw that coming. Bet they wish they’d bothered to properly defend Ouzil’s goal now.
  19. GOAL! #ALG will not lay down and its that man Djabou. Its now#GER 2 – 1 #ALG but is it too late?
  20. This one hurt the worst. Bravo, #ALG, a courageous, honorable display. Those first half missed chances…
  21. Algeria is this World Cup’s PT Usha.
  22. Well played Algeria. Organize a triangular series with Chile and Mexico please.
  23. Thank you thank you goal gods!!! Algeria scored!!#neighbourshateme #screaminginpublic
  24. Disappointing start to the new Caliphate.
  25. Corporate America takes World Cup breaks, and we have the data to prove it  via @qz
  26. Put it in your diaries. #GER are in the quarterfinals and will face #FRA on Friday. #onyourside
    Put it in your diaries. #GER are in the quarterfinals and will face #FRA on Friday.#onyourside
  27. "When things are a bit tough we concentrate on the ball and forget"| Read the #AlJazeeraMag:
    “When things are a bit tough we concentrate on the ball and forget”| Read the#AlJazeeraMag
  28. Why, in multi-racial Brazil, are the World Cup crowds so white?@AfricasaCountry finds the answer: …
  29. And so it is that I find myself cheering for USA because, for a change, they’re the underdogs. #WorldCup2014
  30. Argentina's Angel di Maria celebrates after scoring the goal to propel #ARG into the last 8. - AP photo #glnrWorldCup
    Argentina’s Angel di Maria celebrates after scoring the goal to propel #ARG into the last 8. – AP photo #glnrWorldCup
  31. I have the most creative fans… #WorldCup fan-generated video for#Champion. Nice work! Go USA! 
  32. Basically, the Belgian players have been trained like little soccer automatons since they were embryos. …
  33. World Cup: Brazil Uses Sex, Patriotism, Cocktails to Promote Condoms & Tests  RT @FrontiersMag
  34. Would love Divock Origi to score — check this Kenya Citizen TV interview w his dad, who played for Harambee Stars …
  35. Now we know real football has arrived in the US RT @dhume Watching #BELUSA @AEI. [Don't tell Ann Coulter.]
    Now we know real football has arrived in the US RT @dhume Watching#BELUSA @AEI. [Don’t tell Ann Coulter.]
  36. I have a sudden desire to see Belgium win today.
  37. Lackluster show by Amreeka so far. Someone should announce Brazil has oil to motivate them.
  38. USA and Belgium never seem to miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.
  39. THE BEARDS ARE COMING! #CreepingSharia
  40. When I am one day taken hostage, disregard whatever law enforcement wants to do. Just please, please send Tim Howard in after me.
  41. Just tried to follow Tim Howard on Twitter. Got blocked.
  42. Tim Howard could’ve saved my parents’ marriage.
  43. Tim Howard playing so well he might be the fourth (maybe even third) best goalkeeper in the tournament so far.
  44. Can I do a #creepingSharia tweet for Tim Howard??
  45. Belgium 0, Tim Howard 0.
  46. FT: #BEL 0-0 #USA. Tim Howard with a man-of-the-match performance takes #USA to ET.  #USAvsBEL
    FT: #BEL 0-0 #USA. Tim Howard with a man-of-the-match performance takes#USA to ET.  #USAvsBEL
  47. Pic of the day: @Pontifex et Swiss Guard following ARG-SUI at #Brasil2014
    Pic of the day: @Pontifex et Swiss Guard following ARG-SUI at
  48. FIFA has banned goals?
  49. An estimated 28,000 people are at Soldier Field to watch #USAvsBEL | Alex Wroblewki/Sun-Times Media
    An estimated 28,000 people are at Soldier Field to watch #USAvsBEL | Alex Wroblewki/Sun-Times Media
  50. Wafflery. Oh mon Dieu. RT @Raheelk: Feel bad for brother@TimHowardGK Another 30 mins of Belgian wafflery to defend.
  51. 15 saves – the most saves in a world cup in half a century says this ESPN commentator about Tim Howard.
  52. De Bruyne is doing very well for an English kid that got left behind after a field trip to Ypres.
  53. My co-workers keep calling Bruyne prince Harry
  54. Free Stella Artois in Brussels tonight—
  55. Daddy, why do we burn waffles in the town square every July 1?
  56. Tim Howard has now made 16 saves today – the most by a goalkeeper in a single match in World Cup history.
  57. I am dying agahhahhahhahhhahhahhahahhaha
    I am dying agahhahhahhahhhahhahhahahhaha
  58. My buddy just turned to me and said “fuck it, nobody plays this shit anyway, right? It ain’t like its fuckin baseball.”
  59. BOOOOOM! And the prayer was instantly answered! #HailMary#USA
  60. Every home needs this white foam. Put it on the Christmas list. #Brazil2014
    Every home needs this white foam. Put it on the Christmas list.
  61. Fact! >RT @themacheteman: USA just start play some football.. soccer dem did a play all along
  62. Rio's iconic Christ the Redeemer is now red-and-white in honour of Canada Day
    Rio’s iconic Christ the Redeemer is now red-and-white in honour of Canada
  63. Great match. Tough luck USA. But one can’t win on a goalkeeper and a late sub.
  64. If Tim Howard is not on a box of Wheaties … something is wrong America.
  65. Best World Cup Ever.
  66. Congratulations USA. Now that you know what it’s like to have your soul ripped out by a game of football, you’re in the gang.
  67. New lesson for #USA: steal more Germans for your national team. You need more Germans.
  68. Bravo, #USA. It felt super weird to start supporting you.
  69. The next American that dips a French fry in mayo is exiled.
  70. Come on USA. Do lap of honour like it is hollywood film.
  71. England, next time you lose, lose like USA.
  72. And dear Americans. It’s football. Not soccer. Just hold that thought.
  73. HISTORY: Tim Howard made 16 saves tonight, most by any keeper in a World Cup game ever.
    HISTORY: Tim Howard made 16 saves tonight, most by any keeper in a World Cup game ever.
  74. All the round of 16 top seeds through to the quarters. But every match was close. This tournament is bananas.
  75. This World Cup has been thrilling and exhausting to watch. I’m relieved to get a couple of days off. Can’t imagine how the players feel.
  76. New American fans: this is what soccer is like. It kills you, and you die, and sometimes it’s beautiful, and then you do it again next week.
  77. Tim Howard has achieved true cult status. I hear he is going to run for 2016. Hillary has endorsed him. The GOP will have no candidate 1/2
  78. Twitter make dem ting yah better… Man dem seh Jesus and Howard both save… But Jesus had 11 niggas he could trust
  79. BREAKING: The whole of the USA goes back to not caring about ‘soccer’ at all.
  80. Oh shut up Pentagon you lost RT @guardian: Pentagon says growing US forces in Iraq need ‘flexibility’ for mission: 
  81. Will be supporting Colombia now. They are more Brazil than the team that calls itself Brazil
  82. It is incredibly satisfying to see the rest of the world’s pity and condescension cascade toward the US
  83. As a numbers guy, I’m just hitting refresh and watching the followers on Tim Howard’s account go up crazily.
  84. Murray out at Wimbledon, TWO WHOLE FUCKING DAYS to go before more World Cup…are they trying to kill me?#armchairanarachy
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